Secrets to Creating More Meaningful Relationships

They say connection is why we are here. That connection is powerful and the key to true happiness will always involve those you care about. So why, in this day age, are most instances of it accomplished with an email or a text message? What happened to the true values of connection and meaning in relationships?

Experts, like Dr. Susan Baili,  say that instances of true and deep human connection are becoming more and more difficult to come across. It’s not to say that these principles are irrelevant or carry any less value, people just simply don’t know how to create or promote connections in our fast paced society.


Work happens, kids happen and ultimately, life happens. But where can we find time for friends? With what little time we do have how can we forge deeper and more meaningful bonds with them? These simple tips and words of advice carry a lot weight and are sure to help you form stronger bonds with those that matter most to you.

These same experts experts maintain that there are answers that may be simpler than you thought. The first tip is that if you have the desire to contact someone, act on it. Even if its as something as simple as phone call or a lunch date just to let them know you’re thinking of them – simply remind them how and why you care about them. This may seem like an ordinary event, however you will regret not acting on them when you realize you haven’t seen someone in a while.

A second piece of advice on creating deeper connections is spend real time together. Don’t go thinking that an email, text or Facebook message is good enough. A serious commitment to longer lasting and more fulfilling relationships requires face-to-face meetings and even something as little as a phone call goes a long way.

The third and final tip focuses on you making a special effort that demonstrates your commitment and caring. Find out what makes your friends and loved ones tick and pay close attention to what they value most in terms of experiences, attributes and when they need you there for them. The more you are able to care for your friends, the more you are taking care of yourself.

Ultimately, connecting with friends and others you care for doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you truly care for them and put in the effort to deepen the relationship, it will naturally grow to be more meaningful.

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