The 10 Best Gift Reactions of All Time (videos)

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”


While Marianne Williamson may have not been talking about receiving a gift, the idea is the same, that joy is one of our most authentic feelings. Few moments of joy and happiness compare to the look on someone’s face and their reaction to getting the perfect gift. Hopefully these videos will not only inspire you to go the extra mile to get that perfect heartfelt and meaningful gift but will also help you realize the true meaning of joy.

  1. In maybe the most famous of gift reaction videos, Brandon gets a Nintendo sixty four and the rest was history:
  2. A father has a great reaction when his son surprises him with a ticket to the college football’s annual National Championship game:
  3. A boyfriend gets his girlfriend a new table in their new apartment and she is very appreciative:
  4. Paul gets an Xbox for Christmas, and once again a kid getting a gaming system makes for another great reaction:
  5. A teenage girl gets tickets to see Justin Bieber and her reaction goes as you might expect:
  6. A young women is given a MacBook as her gift of Christmas and her reaction is priceless:
  7. A husband surprises his wife with a car for Christmas and she has an epic reaction not once but twice:
  8. Another teenage girl getting Justin Bieber concert tickets, another hilarious reaction:
  9. In a heartfelt and genuine video, Rahul is surprised for all his hard work with a motorcycle:
  10. A young women gets an iPad for Christmas could not be more excited:

While each of these videos offer their own gifts, with stories behind all of the and have their own elements of surprise, they all carry the theme of joy and happiness. The people giving these gifts were videotaping for a reason, they knew they had gone the extra mile and gotten someone they love a perfect heartfelt and meaningful gift that there was no way they wouldn’t appreciate. Hopefully these videos have inspired you to do the same on the next special occasion for someone close to you, or just inspired you to do something nice that would bring them joy, even if its not a gift.

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