Tips to Articulate your Appreciation for Someone you Care About

Helen Keller was quoted saying this when asked what feelings and emotions mean to her. As she says, your true feelings and emotions come from the heart, but sometimes they are hard to express and put into words. Articulating your appreciation for a friend, family member or significant other can seem like a challenge, but is also one you will never regret. To help you with this process we have put together a list of a few tips that are sure to make sharing your feelings easier to express and ultimately more genuine.

  1. Honesty: Our first tip is to be honest about your feelings with the people you care about. They say at the end of the day we will always regret the things we don’t do or say, sharing your feelings for someone should never end up on that list. If you like someone or like a certain thing they do or quality they have, don’t hesitate to tell them about it. More often than not, they will take your remark as a compliment and be excited that you shared it with them. Most people are typically introverted when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions, your honestly will be taken as a refreshing surprise.
  2. Show them you care: Our second tip may seem like a simple one, but acting on it is crucial. As we said in our first tip, honestly is the best policy and yes your words do carry a lot of weight. However, they also say that actions speak louder than words and this remains true when it comes to showing your love and appreciation for someone. Take mental notes about what makes those closest to you tick and what they appreciate in life and in other people. You should go out of your way to demonstrate these qualities and be there for them when they need it most. If your best friend is one of those people who adores the concept of their own birthday and their 30th is coming up, make sure it is a huge success! Not only is this a nice gesture but your friend will notice and welcome not only your hard work, but also your appreciation for them.
  3. Be there for them: The third and final tip essentially goes hand in hand with our second one. It centers around you demonstrating your gratitude for those who are closest to you. Being there for someone is about much more than lending them a shoulder to cry on, although you should do this too. Being there for someone means making the extra effort to see or talk to them at least once a week. If you truly care about someone you will welcome the opportunity to be there when they are happy and when they are sad. If you are there for them and you truly make an effort to do so, they will be eternally grateful.

Ultimately, expressing and demonstrating your true feelings and emotions for someone does not have to be all that difficult. These simple tips are sure to make those closest to you realize how special you are and how much you genuinely care for them and their wellbeing.

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