Introducing the Give Tribute Program for military families

ribbon copyInspired by the season of giving and all the support we’ve been receiving  since we launched on Kickstarter …we are excited to roll out our long awaited give-back program for military families.

Moving forward, for every Tribute we sell, we will make a free Tribute available to a military family that wants to pay tribute to a serviceman or woman in their life. We will allocate Tributes on an individual basis as they are requested, and will also partner with nonprofits that support the military community so they can give Tributes away to the individuals they serve.

If you want to spread the word to your community through social media…use this image


Whether they are here in the states or oversees, Tribute has a deep admiration for our servicemen and women. We believe that a Tribute gift can be a powerful force in their lives, especially when facing hardship or loneliness.  Our troops need to be reminded not only of the importance they have in protecting our nation, but also the personal impact they have on their loved ones.

“Tributes” allow our troops to carry their loved ones with them, serving as a constant reminder of the love and admiration at home. Especially for the holidays, give Tributes to a service member or veteran who is:

  • deployed and away from loved ones
  • injured, wounded, ill or in rehab
  • returning from deployment


We help you rally a group of friends and family to create and submit video messages of love, admiration and encouragement for a loved one. Through our website,, we then help you easily compile and edit the submitted clips into a beautiful video montage, or “Tribute”, that can be easily emailed or messaged to the person you want to surprise.


Please send  an email with your name, the name of the serviceman or woman and the date that you are hoping to deliver the Tribute to We will try to respond to your request ASAP.

If you want to set up a non-profit organization as a “Give Tribute,” please email our CEO, Andrew Horn at

From the entire Tribute Team, thank you for all you do. We are excited for the opportunity to support you in our unique way, and if you have any questions, feedback or concerns, we would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Andrew Horn

Founder // CEO

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