Tribute and General Assembly team up for Teacher Appreciation Week

General Assembly is one of the fastest growing education companies on the planet right now. This growth has come about for good reason. Their innovative programs are empowering students by teaching the most in-demand skills of our time, everything from programming to design and even digital marketing. They focus on teaching people the skills that will immediately position them for placement in a career that they are excited about.

One of the biggest reasons for GA’s success has been their instructors and the GA leadership team knows it. With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, their leadership team decided to reach out to Tribute with an idea to let their teachers know just how appreciated they are.

With the partnership in place, Tribute reached out to over 3,000 GA students around the globe, to have each student record a short one-minute testimonial telling their instructors how their lives have been impacted by them and what their favorite experience has been in class. In less than two weeks, we successfully turned a thousand minutes of footage into 100 individual Tribute’s for GA instructors around the globe.

This highlight reel above speaks for itself and we think you’ll enjoy the humor, sentiment and authentic messages of gratitude that were expressed.  “It’s given me the opportunity to pursue something that I am really passionate about and that I know will change my career forever and I am really excited that you were a part of the journey,” says one GA student.

We are passionate about working with organizations that appreciate the importance of employee recognition and salute GA for taking the initiative to make gratitude a part of their day to day culture. It’s obvious why you continue to be a leader and innovator in your field.

As the #thankateacher campaign comes to an end, we hope teachers everywhere have been reignited by some much-needed support and are headed back to work with a renewed sense of value in the work they do.

We hope that teachers/students who would like to share their inspiring tributes will do so on the #teacherappreciationweek hashtag this week.


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