A Tribute in memory of our friend – Dan Fredinburg

On the morning of April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and took the life of our friend Dan Fredinburg, who was climbing Mount Everest.

To celebrate Dan’s life, we rallied a group of friends and family together to share their fondest memories and lessons learned from Dan. The final Tribute video is over 2 HR’s long and can be found below. Thanks to Jesse Katz, we were also able to edit together a shorter reel that highlights some of the messages shared about our modern day superman.

Edited Tribute: www.tribute.co/dan

Full Length Tribute: www.tribute.co/danextended

Dan was 33 years old and touched so many of us during his short time here on earth, including the Tribute team. Dan was one of the first people to believe in Tribute and invested in the company way back in 2013, when it was just a dream. Dan’s support meant so much to the team and instilled a sense of confidence in us that we were doing something right. As we continue to grow this business and spread gratitude around the globe, we will bring a piece of you with us and you will forever be a part of our team.

To learn more about Dan and the inspiring life he lived, visit https://asmsafoundationfund.givezooks.com/campaigns/dan-fredinburg-memorial-fund 

We love you Dan, we will never forget you.


I also wanted to share some words that I wrote to Dan a few days after his passing. I hope they offer some insight into who Dan was and why he was so special to me and so many others…

Dan – I am still trying to find the words to do you and your legacy justice. I cannot, but I do know why I love you.

I will always remember the moment we met. Walking on the sands of the San Blas. I asked you a question about life and I can still feel the force and initial discomfort of your gaze and ensuing questions. You brought that intense curiosity to everything you touched and it made each moment with you exciting.

I was so intrigued by you early in our relationship, I wanted to understand what drove you, where this boundless energy came from and also, what struggles, if any did this modern day superman have. I didn’t know how someone with your genius could also embody the level of empathy and compassion that you did.

I remember our conversations in Nicaragua about love, relationships and the stories of our childhood. It was in those days that I felt my heart truly open up to you. You constantly challenged me, but always from a place of love. You never made me feel dumb, you never had anything to prove…you cared about me, and I started to know that you truly wanted the best for me, the best for everyone really.

You were such a giver and never needed much from your friends, you met people as they were. The only thing you really called for was a partner in crime, someone to explore with, someone to challenge you and share the amazing experiences that you created out of thin air.

You made your personal journey and growth seem effortless. As I got to know you better, I realized it wasn’t. You were simply a seeker of truth and embraced the struggles of your own journey openly because you knew it brought you closer to your goal and the people around you. You were fearless in your pursuit and one of the most actualized humans I will ever meet.

You didn’t just pursue your passions, you were your passions, you lived them with every ounce of your being. For someone who was so driven and fulfilled by personal exploration, you were equally as committed to helping others and social justice. Around round the time that you broke ground on the Laundry, I felt like you accepted the fact that your happiness was grounded in your relationships with others and making the world a better place. This made you even easier to love.

I see these posts streaming through social media, and it is amazing to see how much you meant so many people, you were a force for good in so many lives. You are everything they say you are; confident, brilliant, caring, fearless, a crusader for justice, an adventurer, a giver, a great friend, brother an inspiration to anyone who had the fortunate opportunity to cross your path.

You had grown into a brother and my respect for you as a human being was complete. Your support and belief in me still resonates as one of the most powerful gift’s I’ve ever received. It is something I’ll miss dearly.

I will forever be grateful to Ashley A. for collecting those letters and bringing us together before you left. The last time I saw you, you were the happiest I had ever seen you and I try to find solace in the knowledge that when you were taken from us, you were not only doing what you loved, but you knew how loved you were from so many of us.

Nyla talked about the concept of “leftover love” on Saturday and I’m grateful that she did because those words ring true, I feel it. We were only getting started and I have this entire continuum of love for you that is currently drifting through space without a vessel to receive it. As time passes, I’m beginning to understand that the best way to honor you is to take that love and channel it into somebody who needs it, something that will make the world a better place. I promise you that I will.

You were a leader amongst leaders, a lover of life and your existence will serve as a continual reminder for me believe in myself a little deeper and never wait to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I love you Raptor Dan. I miss your face and will do all I can to ensure your legacy lives on forever.

If you want to honor Dan’s legacy with me, please consider a donation to any of the amazing causes he was involved with, read more here – https://asmsafoundationfund.givezooks.com/campaigns/dan-fredinburg-memorial-fund 

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