Tribute featured in NYC tech blog AlleyWatch

AlleyWatch gave us the opportunity to do a Q&A with them for their “Launched in the Alley” series. In this fun piece, you can find out more how Tribute started, our model, and big plans for the future:

“It’s your best friends birthday again and you can’t get her the same gift over and over again each year. Well now you have the perfect gift that they will never forget! Introducing Tribute, which gives you the easy ability to make a video montage as easy as ever with all of your closest friends. They do all the dirty work for you setting up the invitation and organizing the videos however you want them.

CEO Andrew Horn takes us through his new product and what inspired this sentimental product…” Read more

We are so grateful that we get to build Tribute in Brooklyn/NYC and are big fans of blog like AlleyWatch’s that are crucial to the startup ecosystem here. Visit their website to find out about the latest news in technology and innovative start-ups.

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