Three of our all-time favorite posts on Gratitude

There’s a reason why we dedicate a time of the year to giving thanks. Often, Thanksgiving is viewed as some time off from work, to eat without the guilt and shop for your favorite items at bargain prices. We often get caught up with the external and forget the importance of what’s actually being celebrated on that last Thursday of November: Gratitude.

So why do we still celebrate something that started hundreds of years ago as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest? It might be due to the fact that showing gratitude makes us feel good inside, and according to several studies (see below), it’s even beneficial for our health. It seems like society still believes in the power of being thankful, and has managed to keep this tradition around to keep enriching people’s hearts.

We decided to point your attention to a few of our favorite articles/videos that showcase why gratitude is so powerful and why we should bring it into our lives more frequently than just this special Holiday. Read, watch and listen to all this great content that will surely remind you why you should be saying thanks more often and showing your appreciation towards others:

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