Favorite Moments of 2015

Tears of Joy

Halfway through 2015, we started tracking the number of Tribute recipients who cried tears of joy while watching their video. Click the play button below to see what we discovered…


Three of our most memorable Tributes from 2015…

1. Felipe’s Post-Surgery Tribute

Lauren and friends came together to support Felipe after his surgery and troubling diagnosis. This Tribute inspired us to increase our focus on Tributes for patients.


2. In Memory of Dan Fredinburg

On April 25th, an earthquake shook Nepal and took the life of our friend Dan, who was climbing Mount Everest. To celebrate Dan’s life, a group of friends and family came together to share their fondest memories and lessons learned.


3. General Assembly – Teacher Appreciation Week

So awesome to see companies like General Assembly valuing their instructors. We helped students submit more than 500 videos to celebrate 100 instructors globally.



Want to create an awesome Tribute video for someone special in your life?

Click the GIF below to see your friends w/ birthdays coming up…

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