Gratitude Interview #3 – Tammy Tibbetts of She’s The First

Tammy Tibbetts is the Founder and President of She’s The First; a global movement that is raising funds and awareness that helps women and girls in developing countries to finish their secondary education. Her work has helped hundreds of girls around the world become the first women in their families to graduate from secondary school.

Tammy is a passionate and tireless advocate of education for women and girls. She’s a rockstar social entrepreneur that’s been recognized by Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women, Most Creative People in Business 1000, and featured in Forbes and Times 30 Under 30 in Education.

In this interview, we discuss:

0:50 – How do you answer the question “What do you do?”

1:10 – Why did you start “She’s The First?”

4:50 – What do you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

5:45 – If you were to acknowledge one mentor or figure who has been responsible for your growth and development as an entrepreneur, who would that person be?

9:00 – Who is a friend that’s shaped who you are today?

11:05 – What are some of the most important and lasting lessons you’ve taken away from members of your family?

“Don’t validate your self-worth by the school you went to or where you work.”

13:15 – How do you define your sense of value and self-worth as an entrepreneur?

“Define your sense of value and self-worth by living up to your own standards”

14:25 – What’s your theme for 2016?

17:25 – What is a piece of art or book that’s had a significant impact on your life?

19:40 – What’s one award/achievement you’re really proud of?

“Being shy isn’t an excuse; your voice matters. Speak up about what you care about.”

21:00 – Who helped you find your own voice when you were growing up?

22:30 – Where can people find out about you and your work?

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