Gratitude Interview #4 – Evan Walden of ReWork

Evan Walden is the Co-founder and CEO of ReWork; an organization that’s redefining the very notion of “work.” His company helps exceptional professionals  find meaningful work by matching them to forward-thinking organizations.

At the heart of Evans work is the idea that one shouldn’t have to choose between making money and making a difference.

In this interview, we discuss:

0:30 – How do you answer the question “what do you do?”

1:30 – What advice would you give people trying to find meaningful work?

“When you find meaningful work, you feel so much more alive”

2:40 – If you were to acknowledge one mentor or figure who has been responsible for your growth and development as an entrepreneur, who would that person be?

4:30 – Who is a friend that’s shaped who you are today?

6:00 – Who is one family member who has been one for your greatest teachers and why they’ve been so important to your growth?

7:48 – What is a piece of art or book that’s had a significant impact on your life?

  • @AdamMGrant taught me that successful people give consciously, without the expectation of receiving.”

11:15 – Where can people find out about you and your work?

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