A Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

It’s a sad truth that war exists, but it does. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and it leaves a mark on everyone and everything it touches: soldiers, family, friends, civilians, and the countries in which it takes place.

With the majority of our soldiers abroad, it’s easy to overlook the many acts of bravery and courage that have happened and that continue to happen every day.

When did Memorial Day become about #sales #memorialdayweekend #giveaway? We want to remind people of what it’s all about:

#Patriotism #Sacrifice #Freedom #MemorialDayLove

It’s important to ask ourselves whether we would die for our nation. Whether we could make the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate act of patriotism for our nation, as many of our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends as well as many others, have done.

Saying thank you isn’t enough. One day of honor and memorial isn’t enough. Mere words are not enough nor is placing flowers or a flag on a gravestone, but it is the best we can do.

Memorial Day is coming up (May 30th) and Tribute is partnering with Task & Purpose, a news and culture site that offers an outlet for well-written analysis and commentary on veterans and greater military affairs, to send love and respect to those who never left the battlefield.

We have already created a mini highlight reel which you can watch below.

We’re also inviting Task & Purpose followers and anyone else to submit videos recognizing a fallen soldier, or telling us what Memorial Day means to you.

If you’d like to participate simply click on the link below. Take a few minutes to film yourself, and submit the video. We will compile all of the submissions into one final video that will be shared on Task & Purpose and social media throughout Memorial Day.

Here’s the like where you can make your Tribute video >>

Thank you from our entire Tribute Team for helping us make this #MemorialDay a memorable one for all!

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