Enter the #NotOkay Movie

One bold group is now using Tribute to draw attention to an issue that matters: sexual assault. Enter the #NotOkay Movie.

On October 7th a tape was released in which Donald Trump brags about sexually assaulting women. In response, @KellyOxford shared on Twitter her experience being sexually assaulted:

@KellyOxford: “Old man on city bus grabs my ‘p****’ and smiles at me, I’m 12.”

She invited others to share their stories, and within two days over 9 million responded with the hashtag #NotOkay.

The #NotOkay movie is a living collection of these personal stories of sexual assault. Using the Tribute platform, participants record or upload a 20-second video sharing their experience with sexual assault. Together the videos will combine to create the collective #NotOkay movie, which will grow longer and longer as more stories are shared.

“A lot comes up when sharing our stories of sexual assault,” says project lead Dream Mullick. The #NotOkay Movie team wants to provide a safe and powerful way to share our experiences – no matter how big or small.

“If you are ready to share, know that there is no ‘right’ way to share. There is no right or wrong way to BE about this issue. Whoever and wherever you are, your voice matters. Our hurts make us human and all the more lovable. If you’re not ready to share that’s OKAY, too. Know that your voice is part of ours, regardless. When we speak for one we speak for millions.”

Thank you to all those who have shared. Let’s continue for as long as it takes.

If it’s not consensual, then it’s #NotOkay!

Upload your 20-second video on Tribute by Nov 8th. Then share, and invite others.


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