Gratitude Stories: Norma’s 95th Birthday


As the people we love grow older, it is inevitable that they will lose touch with many of the people who have held a special place in their hearts.

One of the most powerful gifts we can give the elderly is a moment of connection with the friends and family they don’t see often.

We love seeing the children of elderly parents on Tribute. Karl’s Tribute for his 95-year-old mom is a great example of how powerful these videos can be. We hope you enjoy this week’s Gratitude Story!


if you don't have anything nice to say, say it.png


Why did you want to give Norma a Tribute?

Karl (son): She has lost direct touch with many folks who loved & respected her. This was an ideal way for them to speak directly to her, rather than writing their sentiments in a card or letter.

What is your favorite thing about Norma?

Karl: Over the years, she has taught me so much and shared so much wisdom. My favorite thing about her is her Patience.

What were the circumstances when Norma received her Tribute?

In a relaxed, quiet setting on a Sunday afternoon, we played her Tribute on a large screen TV while she sat in a comfortable chair surrounded by her family.

What was their reaction to the Tribute?

She was overcome with emotion, quietly crying several times.

How did this make you personally feel?

Karl: Thankful for the time people took to send a video, and thankful that they could personally speak directly to her heart in this way.

Did Norma have anything to say after watching her Tribute?

Karl: It was so emotional, she was left without words. She managed to utter a few words and phrases: Wonderful – amazing – so loved – thank you.


As always, if you know someone special who deserves to be celebrated, we’re here to help you make it happen.

With gratitude,

Team Tribute

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