Gratitude Stories: Jimmy’s 52nd Birthday

            “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” 

-William Arthur Ward

 If you feel something nice for someone, share it. We all have an infinite supply of love to give out and if we feel some appreciation for the people around us, why keep it in?    thankful-and-grateful   tribute-line

Why did you think it was a good idea for this person to receive a Tribute?

Lily: Jimmy loves his friends…and does so much for them, that I knew by asking anyone who knows him to submit a Tribute, that they’d be happy to do it and share a few things that they love about him.



What is your favorite thing about this person?

Lily (girlfriend): He’s my significant other!  And he threw me an epic 40th birthday party, so I wanted to create this video to thank him.

What were the circumstances when they received their Tribute? (ie. Where, When, How?)

Lily: I asked his friends to submit a video before Jimmy’s birthday…but as things go, needed to continue to extend the timeline to allow those that I know matter a great deal to him to share their story.  With a bit of follow-up via text, I was able to get about 45 people to contribute a tribute.

What was their reaction while watching their Tribute?

Lily: Jimmy was completely moved to tears…and so appreciative of the effort that each and every contributor made to create this unforgettable gift.

How did this make you personally feel?

Lily: I had so much fun making this video…and don’t think I’ll ever be able to top this!  I loved every minute of the experience and can’t wait to make another video as a wedding gift to friends of mine who are getting married in April.

Please ask the Tribute recipient how it made him/her feel to receive their Tribute.

Straight from his Facebook post to the group:
Jimmy (Jim James) here. There are no words that I can write that can express how wonderful, beautiful, witty, loving and dear to me each of you are. I can tell you that watching this video left me laughing, crying and smiling – simultaneously.

To Lilly, who I love so much, thank you for doing this from the bottom of my heart.

To all my friends and family who submitted messages (or wanted to but didn’t have time), you have made my day, my year, my life. I can ask nothing more in the world than your friendship and love, and I am blown away by your comments and your shared memories. Know that I love you all, and there is nothing else in life I would ever want more than this gift. Life is made so much more precious and wonderful with people like you in it.

I cannot wait to make some more memories with each of you. XOXOXO

tribute-line tribute-line

As always, if you know someone special who deserves to be celebrated, we’re here to help you make it happen.

With gratitude,

Team Tribute

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