Gratitude Stories: Joe’s 52nd Birthday

“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.”  

– Joseph B. Wirthlin


This week, we’re psyched to introduce Suzanne and her husband Joe. Joe is quite the family man and it’s great hearing him get the love and praise he deserves.tribute-line

Why did you think it was a good idea for this person to receive a Tribute?

Suzanne (Wife): At this point in our lives we really don’t need any more material “stuff.”  I wanted to give a gift that would have meaning and create a lasting memory.  I also love the fact that the Tribute video can be viewed at anytime as it will be fun to watch it again in the future and re-live the memory.



What is your favorite thing about this person?

Suzanne: Joe is the most caring and giving person I know.  He always puts his family first.  He is a true friend and an amazing husband.

What were the circumstances when they received their Tribute? (ie. Where, When, How?)

Suzanne: It was my husband’s 52nd birthday and we surprised him with the Tribute video.  After dinner we wanted to watch a movie so I turned on our Apple TV and instead of starting the movie I went to YouTube to bring up the video – he was so surprised and very emotional as we watched the 20-minute Tribute.  It was great viewing it on the TV.

What was their reaction while watching their Tribute?

Suzanne: We all had a great time watching the Tribute.  Most of his family lives out of town so the fact that everyone had sent in a brief message was very cool and definitely made my husband feel loved and appreciated.  Lots of laughs and a few tears!

How did this make you personally feel?

Suzanne: I was thrilled with the end result and very happy I could almost effortlessly put together such a special and memorable gift.  The entire process was really fun and I especially loved viewing the videos as they came in.

Please ask the Tribute recipient how it made him/her feel to receive their Tribute.

Suzanne: My husband felt very loved!  I think he was very surprised by how much he truly means to all of his family and friends.

tribute-line DSC_3092 tribute-line

Gratitude is the simplest path to a happy life. We’ll be the first to admit that with so much going on each day, it’s so easy to forget. That’s exactly why we created our #GratitudeStories feature. Each week our staff cuts together a one-minute highlight reel from an inspiring Tribute and tells the story behind it. We hope these videos serve as a little reminder to say the nice things in your head and celebrate your friends every single day.

As always, if you know someone special who deserves to be celebrated, we’re here to help you make it happen.

With gratitude,

Team Tribute

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