The most meaningful marathon gift is here!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with RunGuides — a simple online directory that empowers runners by giving them the resources to get out and do what they love to do most…Run!

Their intuitive platform makes it easy for anyone to sign up for local running events, clubs and races. We love their simple platform that helps people get out and be healthy, but that’s not all. Like Tribute, Run Guides has a deeper mission to help their users establish meaningful connections with other like-minded runners. They have created a massive, value-based community of people who bond over their shared love of the world’s oldest sport.


Here at Tribute, we couldn’t be more proud to support RunGuides and all that they stand for. With some avid runners on our internal team, we know first hand how tough any race or event can be. There’s a reason why marathons have been dubbed “Hell and back.” They take enormous amounts of courage and preparation to get through and although we can’t help on a physical level, we know that we can help inspire and encourage anyone who’s willing to take on the challenge with a meaningful marathon gift..and there’s not a more meaningful marathon gift than receiving a Tribute from family and friends before the big day.

Spring is right around the corner (well, after all this snow melts for us here in NY) and I’m sure you know someone gearing up for a big race or marathon. We’re here to help rally their community and truly show how loved and supported they are on their journey. Give them a Tribute with all of their friends and family telling them how proud they are of their accomplishments. No marathon gift will match up to the power of gratitude when they need it most.

Imagine your loved one in the middle of their race with a huge smile on their face as they recall all of the amazing messages from their community. Watch them stride in pride with a whole new type of energy, fueled by the love, support, and gratitude of their peers.


Get the perfect marathon gift, start your race Tribute today!

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