Want to Create an Amazing Recruiting Video in One Day?

There’s no question about it — today, showcasing employee sentiment is essential to making your growing company stand out. We live in the Glassdoor-age, my friends, and the voices and opinions of your employees are becoming significant factors when recruiting new talent.

Panicked, you may say: But I simply don’t have time for this — there’s a bottom-line to focus on! How would I even begin capturing the best of what my employees have to say?!

And to that, we say: don’t you worry. Tribute is here. 

We are excited to announce that last week, Cheddar — the on-demand video news network — used Tribute to create an awesome video (above) of Cheddar employees sharing exactly why they love their jobs. The kicker? It took Cheddar less than one (1!) hour to gather all these videos.

So thrilled with the final video — a highlight reel edited by the Tribute team — Cheddar even shared it on live TV.

Tribute has emerged as the easiest and most efficient way to market your company to prospective employees and potential clients. Showcase exactly why your company is unique, while letting your employees be heard.

Create the most amazing (and easy!) recruitment videos with Tribute. Get in touch for more info!

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