Tips to Articulate your Appreciation for Someone you Care About

Helen Keller was quoted saying this when asked what feelings and emotions mean to her. As she says, your true feelings and emotions come from the heart, but sometimes they are hard to express and put into words. Articulating your appreciation for a friend, family member or significant other can seem like a challenge, but is also one you will never regret. To help you with this process we have put together a list of a few tips that are sure to make sharing your feelings easier to express and ultimately more genuine.

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Realize the True Meaning of Friendship With These Quotes

The great Muhammad Ali once said this when he was asked what friendship meant to him. As Mr. Ali said, friendship is something that’s hard to put words but you can feel it when it’s there. Additionally, telling someone how you feel and expressing your true emotions is one of the most difficult things we as people are faced with. We hope our list of quotes about friendship will help you accomplish both.

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Secrets to Creating More Meaningful Relationships

They say connection is why we are here. That connection is powerful and the key to true happiness will always involve those you care about. So why, in this day age, are most instances of it accomplished with an email or a text message? What happened to the true values of connection and meaning in relationships?

Experts, like Dr. Susan Baili,  say that instances of true and deep human connection are becoming more and more difficult to come across. It’s not to say that these principles are irrelevant or carry any less value, people just simply don’t know how to create or promote connections in our fast paced society.

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