The most meaningful marathon gift is here!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with RunGuides — a simple online directory that empowers runners by giving them the resources to get out and do what they love to do most…Run!

Their intuitive platform makes it easy for anyone to sign up for local running events, clubs and races. We love their simple platform that helps people get out and be healthy, but that’s not all. Like Tribute, Run Guides has a deeper mission to help their users establish meaningful connections with other like-minded runners. They have created a massive, value-based community of people who bond over their shared love of the world’s oldest sport.


Here at Tribute, we couldn’t be more proud to support RunGuides and all that they stand for. With some avid runners on our internal team, we know first hand how tough any race or event can be. There’s a reason why marathons have been dubbed “Hell and back.” They take enormous amounts of courage and preparation to get through and although we can’t help on a physical level, we know that we can help inspire and encourage anyone who’s willing to take on the challenge with a meaningful marathon gift..and there’s not a more meaningful marathon gift than receiving a Tribute from family and friends before the big day.

Spring is right around the corner (well, after all this snow melts for us here in NY) and I’m sure you know someone gearing up for a big race or marathon. We’re here to help rally their community and truly show how loved and supported they are on their journey. Give them a Tribute with all of their friends and family telling them how proud they are of their accomplishments. No marathon gift will match up to the power of gratitude when they need it most.

Imagine your loved one in the middle of their race with a huge smile on their face as they recall all of the amazing messages from their community. Watch them stride in pride with a whole new type of energy, fueled by the love, support, and gratitude of their peers.


Get the perfect marathon gift, start your race Tribute today!

Collect video testimonials with Tribute

Did you know that more than 20% of the internet is made up of user-generated content?

If your business isn’t a part of that, you’re missing out.

One of the biggest opportunities to leverage user-generated content for your business is with testimonials. The research is compelling…

  • People are 63% more likely to purchase a product from a site if it has product reviews and testimonials (People Claim)
  • Customer reviews create a 74% increase in conversion rate (People Claim)
  • Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89% (WebDAM)

Beyond traditional testimonials, video testimonials are an even more powerful way to scale trust with your users while improving conversion…

  •  Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product from an online store after watching a video (ComScore)
  • Web visitors who watch a video spend an average of 2 minutes longer on site than those who don’t view videos (ComScore)



Introducing: Tribute Testimonials


That is why we’re excited to introduce Tribute Testimonials, the simple, cost-effective and free way to collect video testimonials from your customers and fans.

We started Tribute to help users share their gratitude with the people they care about on special occasions. As our comunity has grown to nearly 100,000 users, we have seen more and more people creating Tributes for their companies and non-profits.

Well, gratitude is gratitude! Whether it is for a person or a business, we are committed to making it easier for people to share their kind words and appreciation.

We are already working with  great companies across the globe (Caribou Coffee, Cleveland Clinic and Lingo Live)  to streamline their video collection and you can check out a quick sample from one of our early partners, Causebox below.

Click on the image to view a live version of their tesitmonial collection page…

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 17.07.29.png


One of our biggest advantages over other testimonial services, is that we have a full team of video editors who can help you edit these testimonials into a stunning highlight reel for as little as $300. Here’s a sample highlight reel that we created for General Assmebly, the global edication startup.

Play Button.png



How much does it cost? FREE


Tribute is 100% free to start. You can create your Tribute page and collect videos at no expense.


Want to kick your testimonial game into high gear? Here are the available upgrades:

$25 – Edit your videos into a single testimonial video for your website or social media

$125 – One of our concierge editors will compile videos into a single video for you

$300 – Turn your testimonials into a professional highlight reel that’s perfect for your homepage


How does it work? 120 seconds to get started


You can setup your Tribute collection page in less than two minutes.

1. Visit to learn more and get started

2. One of our customer service agents will start a chat dialogue with you on that page and is available to answer any questions you might have.

3. Have an image ready that is approximately 660 x 300 for your header image. Enter some basic info on what you’d like your users to submit and you’re all set.

When business is done right, it can be a massive force for good, and we’re excited to help businesses and organizations capture these testimonials that can help to push important projects forward.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you and are always available at

Let’s do this!


Founder / CEO

Gratitude Stories: Dan’s 60th Birthday

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

– William Arthur Ward

Gratitude is the simplest path to a happy life. We’ll be the first to admit that with so much going on each day, it’s so easy to forget. That’s exactly why we created our #GratitudeStories feature. Each week our staff cuts together a one-minute highlight reel from an inspiring Tribute and tells the story behind it. We hope these videos serve as a little reminder to say the nice things in your head and celebrate your friends every single day.


We are delighted to introduce Kelsey and her father-in-law Dan for this week’s Gratitude Story. Kelsey reached out to us to help make this milestone birthday something special and that that’s exactly what happened.



Why did you decide to give this person a Tribute?

Kelsey (Daughter-in-law): Because he has made such an impact on so many different people and everyone deserves to hear how much they have enriched the lives of those around them.

What is your favorite thing about this person?

Kelsey: He marches to the beat of his own drum and never apologizes for it. He is one of the most hardworking, loyal, and driven people I have ever known.

What were the circumstances when they received their Tribute? (ie. Where, When, How?)

Kelsey: He was visiting Chicago (where we live) to celebrate his 60th for a fun filled weekend. We had gathered over 25 video submissions that made an hour long video. We gathered together over food and drinks to unveil the video we had secretly been working on…

What was their reaction while watching their Tribute?

Kelsey: The reaction was extremely emotional. We watched with family members and everyone experienced a full range of emotion while listening to the videos. There were tears, laughter, and several common themes that every person touched on when speaking about Dan. It was amazing to watch Dan react as he heard people say things they admired in him that they had never actually said to him before.

How did this make you personally feel?

Kelsey: I think we sometimes forget how impactful words and kindness can truly be to someone. And hearing everyone share the love and admiration they have for Dan made everyone, including myself, feel even luckier to have him in my life.

Please ask the Tribute recipient how it made him/her feel to receive their Tribute.

Kelsey: He said it was the most special gift he had ever received and made his milestone birthday extremely special. He said the kind words and memories meant more than we will ever know. And he said if he is ever having a bad day he is going to watch this video and remember all the people who love him.

tribute-line dan.jpg

tribute-lineAs always, if you know someone special who deserves to be celebrated, we’re here to help you make it happen.

With gratitude,

Team Tribute

Interview with NYT Bestseller Mark Hyman MD

“It’s the most moving, touching, beautiful gift I had ever received.”

…according to Dr. Mark Hyman in this recent interview with our Co-Founder, Andrew. 

-Dr. Mark Hyman-

tribute-lineFor those who have not heard of this awesome soul, Dr. Hyman is a ten-time #1 New York Times best-selling author, Chairman of The Institute for Functional Medicine and Founder of the UltraWellness Center.


He is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders when it comes to staying healthy and we go deep on gratitude, social ties and how central they are to our health.

You can also watch a highlight reel of Dr. Hyman’s Birthday Tribute below.


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.” 

-Melody Beattie


As always, if you know someone special who deserves to be celebrated, we’re here to help you make it happen.

With gratitude,

Team Tribute



Gratitude Stories: David Turns 50

Over the past two years, we’ve collected tens of thousands of videos from our global community. These videos have moved us to tears, made us laugh out loud, and most importantly,  showcased the true power of sharing gratitude with the people we care about.

We could not be more excited to share our weekly #GratitudeStories. It’s our simple way of shining a light on real people who gathered their community in celebration of someone special.

We hope it inspires you to do the same for the people you care about.

Up first is the incredible story of David’s 50th. Watch the 1-minute highlight reel above to see what it looks like when three kids REALLY love their dad.

tribute-line zander

Why did you want to give David a Tribute?

Lauren (Wife): “It’s huge to turn 50. It’s an epic time capsule in anyone’s life. I wanted David to deeply know who he was for the people in his life. I also knew this gift would not only rock him where it counts, but would let the people who love him nail their chance at honoring him.”

What Lauren said in her video…

“I love David Zander for so many reasons. But my favorite thing about David Zander, he is the hottest, greatest man I have ever met! And i’ve been with him for 20 years and it’s not enough, it’s not gonna be enough. Living a whole life with David Zander will not be enough. And that was the greatest decision I ever made in my entire life was to make that man my husband or have him pick me as his wife. And to have that man be the father of my children. And he is the greatest father. And he’s a better father maybe than I am a Mother. And that’s the best thing I could have done for my children.”

What did it feel like to watch the finished Tribute?

David: “This past weekend, I celebrated my 50th birthday with an epic day of friendship, nature, music, art-making, bonfire and love. When I finally crawled into bed at 1:00am, my heart full and buzzing with the energy of the day, my wife said to me “one more gift”. She clicked on a link and for the next 20 or so minutes, my face was just one big giant uncontrollable smile!  As I watched my friends and family, one after one, explain what they loved about me; I cried, I giggled, I laughed out loud (Igor, our cat?!).. It felt like a big virtual hug that I would get to keep in my back pocket, a couple clicks away, forever! Thank you Tribute for being the cherry on top of one of my best days of all time!”

Lauren: “It was stunning to witness him watching it and me seeing what came together for him. The love that filled him as he watched it was pure JOY.”


Thanks for being awesome, Zander family!

If you want to check out all the cool projects Lauren and David are working on, be sure to check out Lauren’s incredible life coaching business at and David’s beautiful wood shop at


As always, if you know someone special with a big birthday or event coming up, we’re here to help you make it everything it deserves to be.

With gratitude,

The Tribute Team

Gratitude = The Quickest Path to Happiness

Here at Tribute we’re all about spreading love and gratitude. Now, that’s great and all, but let’s be practical here.

I’m sure many of you probably agree that gratitude is wonderful and that it makes people happy, but can you honestly say that you actively take the time to acknowledge what you’re grateful for everyday?

We all have our excuses. Our days are often so busy we barely have time to breathe much less take a few extra minutes to practice grateful living. And you may be asking yourself will it really make a difference?

Well, the answer is yes. And here’s why.


Let’s get to the basics: what is gratitude?

Gratitude at its core is the state of being thankful. When you say “thank you” to someone for holding a door open, yes, that’s gratitude. But we’re talking about grateful living, which encompasses so much more.

Gratitude involves being thankful for a person, a thing, or even yourself. It can be about the past, the present or the future; it has no restraints. Most importantly is about acknowledging what it is that brings us joy and the people in our lives we can’t imagine living without.

But what’s the big deal you may ask? Well it just so happens that gratitude  does more than make someone smile, it’s proven to make other people- and yourself- happier and healthier.

Gratitude and health benefits? Yep, they go together.

Gratitude is proven to boost our overall health as well as our emotional well-being. Research from The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and several other sources have shown that practicing gratitude has some incredible mental and physical benefits such as heightening our immune system to fight illness, decreasing blood pressure, and lowering stress hormones such as cortisol by up to 23%.


Methods and Practices

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re going to try to be more grateful, but the reality is it’s highly unlikely that you’ll actually follow through with such a general request. Set something more specific in place:

  • Write in a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals have been proven to make you happier by up to 25%, and all you have to do is jot down a few notes each day.
  • Simple gratitude meditation. Whether it’s before you go to bed, after you wake up, on your commute, or during your hour, take a minute to recite 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you are looking forward to.

The Quickest Path to Happiness

Great friends aren’t just nice to have, but are an essential component to a full, rewarding life. In Harvard’s 75-year study on Adult Development, the Director of the study, Dr. Waldinger proclaimed front and center,  “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” And one of the best ways to gain and maintain those good relationships? Gratitude.


If we want to build stronger social ties, one of the easiest things we can do, is be more giving with our gratitude and appreciation of the people we care about. It is one of the easiest ways to support them, which immediately makes them feel more connected to you.

At Tribute, we’ve created a few pillars that will help you communicate with gratitude and solidify your relationships and build new ones.

  1. I love you, because…

Dr. Robert Cialdini is the author of Influence, one of the seminal books on persuasion. He talks about how it is not our statement of affection that impacts the recipient, it is the explanation of it.

So, saying “I love you” is important and always has an impact, but it’s when we take time to qualify our love with an explanation that the true authenticity and thought comes through.



  1. If you have anything nice to say, say it all

Remember that saying we all heard a million times growing up, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

I realized that the statement is exponentially more powerful when you take out the two “don’ts.” It becomes, “If you have anything nice to say, say it all.”

That simple message will transform the way you bring gratitude into your life and connect with people.

  1. The power of prompts

Getting people to open up and share their feelings for someone is a vulnerable, scary thing. Prompts make it easier.

When you provide a group of people with a prompt question, it immediately eases the pressure of saying something authentic and meaningful. It also provides a positive peer pressure that reassures people that vulnerable communication will be celebrated, not ostracized.

The Final Line

So here’s the thing, it’s not rocket science: good relationships make us happier, and gratitude makes for good relationships, therefore gratitude is the quickest path to happiness.

A Tribute for Brother David

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the team. We are working with philosophical luminaries from around the world to create a Tribute for Brother David Steindl-Rast’s 90th birthday. Brother David has inspired millions of people, to make gratitude a bigger part of their lives and we know that this Tribute will be one of the most influential and far-reaching that we’ve ever created.

Here is Brother David’s seminal TED talk on Gratitude that has been viewed more than 5 million times…

DAVID STEINDL-RAST was born July 12, 1926, in Vienna, Austria, where he studied art, anthropology, and psychology, receiving an MA from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and a PhD from the University of Vienna.Brother David was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Cornell University, where he also became the first Roman Catholic to hold the Thorpe Lectureship. He participated in Buddhist-Christian dialogue and studied with Hakkuun Yasutani Roshi, Soen Nakagawa Roshi, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, and others. He co-founded the Center for Spiritual Studies in 1968 and received the 1975 Martin Buber Award for his achievements in building bridges between religious traditions. Brother David has contributed chapters or interviews to well over 30 books and was awarded the American Book Award in 1992 for co-authoring Belonging to the Universe.


At present, Brother David pioneers a worldwide Network for Grateful Living, through, which reaches several thousand participants daily from more than 240 countries and territories. He’s helped millions of people and the least we can do is share a little of our gratitude with him.

Check out our article “Tributes From the Heart” below on in which we share our story and talk about the physical, and emotional effects gratitude has on ourselves, our relationships, and furthermore, our life:

“Tributes From the Heart”

We all want a to have a fulfilling life, and Brother David shows us that with a little #learning, #patience, an #openmind and an #openheart, we are all capable of living freely with love.

A Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

It’s a sad truth that war exists, but it does. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and it leaves a mark on everyone and everything it touches: soldiers, family, friends, civilians, and the countries in which it takes place.

With the majority of our soldiers abroad, it’s easy to overlook the many acts of bravery and courage that have happened and that continue to happen every day.

When did Memorial Day become about #sales #memorialdayweekend #giveaway? We want to remind people of what it’s all about:

#Patriotism #Sacrifice #Freedom #MemorialDayLove

It’s important to ask ourselves whether we would die for our nation. Whether we could make the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate act of patriotism for our nation, as many of our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends as well as many others, have done.

Saying thank you isn’t enough. One day of honor and memorial isn’t enough. Mere words are not enough nor is placing flowers or a flag on a gravestone, but it is the best we can do.

Memorial Day is coming up (May 30th) and Tribute is partnering with Task & Purpose, a news and culture site that offers an outlet for well-written analysis and commentary on veterans and greater military affairs, to send love and respect to those who never left the battlefield.

We have already created a mini highlight reel which you can watch below.

We’re also inviting Task & Purpose followers and anyone else to submit videos recognizing a fallen soldier, or telling us what Memorial Day means to you.

If you’d like to participate simply click on the link below. Take a few minutes to film yourself, and submit the video. We will compile all of the submissions into one final video that will be shared on Task & Purpose and social media throughout Memorial Day.

Here’s the like where you can make your Tribute video >>

Thank you from our entire Tribute Team for helping us make this #MemorialDay a memorable one for all!

Tribute and Teach For America

#ThankATeacher for #TeacherAppreciationWeek

As the National PTA says, “Teachers play a key role in student success and sometimes a simple “thanks” is all a teacher needs to feel valued.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up (May 2nd – 6th) and Tribute is excited to announce a special collaboration with one of our favorite education non-profits, Teach for America. 

In two short years, we have collected more than a thousand video testimonials for teachers and we’re excited to keep that tradition going.

We are working with TFA to offer 100% free Tributes to anyone in their network who is creating a Tribute for a TFA instructor or administrator. They have over 50,000 teachers in their network…so this should be fun.

If you want to learn more about getting involved with this giveaway or would like to receive a free code to celebrate your favorite teacher, send us a note to

Why do we do this? Teachers are HEROES, and they don’t hear it enough.

Being a teacher is not an easy job, but it is certainly one of the most important. Tribute videos allow teachers to understand the true impact they are having in the lives of their students. This knowledge can refine their sense of value and revamp pride in their work.

Whether they are here in the states or overseas, Tribute has a deep admiration for the people educating tomorrow’s leaders and we want to make it easy to share our appreciation for them. Here are a few scenarios to give Tribute…

  • Parent group for a specific teacher
  • Students for a specific Teacher
  • PTA group for a school or group of teachers
  • Whole school/parents/administration for a teacher


Tribute makes it easy to create a video collection page where your friends/colleagues can easily visit and submit a short video telling the teacher why they appreciate them or how they have impacted their life. We then help you easily compile and edit the submitted clips into a beautiful video montage, or “Tribute”, that can be easily shared with the teacher you want to surprise.


If you want to celebrate a teacher that impacted your life, please send  an email with your name, the name of the teacher and your relationship to them to We will usually respond to your request within 24 hours with a code to access the site.

We respect your privacy and sharing discretion is always up to the Tribute creator/user.


From the entire Tribute Team, thank you for helping us make this #TeacherAppreciationWeek one to remember. We are excited for the opportunity to support you in our unique way, and if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Andrew Horn

Co-Founder // CEO

Gratitude Interview #4 – Evan Walden of ReWork

Evan Walden is the Co-founder and CEO of ReWork; an organization that’s redefining the very notion of “work.” His company helps exceptional professionals  find meaningful work by matching them to forward-thinking organizations.

At the heart of Evans work is the idea that one shouldn’t have to choose between making money and making a difference.

In this interview, we discuss:

0:30 – How do you answer the question “what do you do?”

1:30 – What advice would you give people trying to find meaningful work?

“When you find meaningful work, you feel so much more alive”

2:40 – If you were to acknowledge one mentor or figure who has been responsible for your growth and development as an entrepreneur, who would that person be?

4:30 – Who is a friend that’s shaped who you are today?

6:00 – Who is one family member who has been one for your greatest teachers and why they’ve been so important to your growth?

7:48 – What is a piece of art or book that’s had a significant impact on your life?

  • @AdamMGrant taught me that successful people give consciously, without the expectation of receiving.”

11:15 – Where can people find out about you and your work?