The NewYorker just called us Hallmark 2.0

A few weeks back a NewYorker reporter named Emma Allen came by the office to learn about the origins of Tribute and our vision for the future.

We couldn’t be more excited to see her story come out in digital and print this week. Pick up the 4/18 copy and check us out in the Talk of the Town segment.

Onwards and upwards!

P.S. This was written while wearing a massive scarf 🙂


The other day, Andrew Horn sat on a red exercise ball in his startup’s Williamsburg office, a tricked-out former garage, and explained why he was trying to sell people on the idea of creating eulogies for the living. “I spoke at the Burning Man TEDx two years ago, and the talk was called ‘We Got the Eulogy Wrong,’ ” he said. In a video of the address, he can be seen wearing gold shorts and a Sgt. Pepper jacket, saying, “If we look at the word ‘eulogy,’ it comes from the ancient Greek word eulogia, and eulogia simply means ‘praise.’ ” The desire to be present at one’s own funeral is nothing new. In an era of near-constant mutual affirmation—pause here to check the number of likes on your most recent selfie—why let a little thing like death stand in the way? Read the full article


Join the #ILoveYouBecause movement this Valentine’s Day

If you want to join thousands of people across the globe who are joining forces to spread love this Valentine’s day…visit this page. There is a special gift in it for ya 🙂

Millions of people around the world are about to utter the centuries old phrase to their partner, husband, or wife this Valentine’s day…

I Love You —-   أحبك   —  わたしは、あなたを愛しています   — Je t’aime

What if I told you that one extra word could transform the most powerful statement in any language for the better? Well, it can and that simple word is “because.”

“I love you because…”

“I love you because you push me to be the best version of myself”

“I love you because you make me laugh harder than anyone in the world”

“I love you because you are my best friend”

When we follow our statement of love with a simple description of why we love them, we force ourselves to be more thoughtful and authentic with our words. This act makes the recipient more capable of feeling the depths and sincerity of our love.

Our description of WHY will fill the recipient with a deep feeling of appreciation that makes our words resonate with them long after they have been said. It also gives them an opportunity to tell you WHY they love you.

This simple switch will transform the way we share our love with the people that matter to us and it might even change the world.

So this Valentine’s day, let’s make the world a more love filled place. Opt for “I love you because…” and join the movement of people sharing their gratitude publicly on social media with the hashtag #ILoveYouBecause

Be sure to visit #IloveYouBecause web page to learn how you can join the movement and get a special gift in the process –


Here are some sample love filled Tributes to show you how powerful these videos can be:

Kristie and Tim’s 10th Wedding Anniversary:

Fran and Joel’s 40th Anniversary:

If you’re interested in partnering with us, you can reach me directly at

Tribute @ NY Tech Meetup

At the monthly NY Tech Meetup, members come together to watch startups present their innovative ideas and network with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and emerging talent in the tech field. We’re so glad to have had the opportunity to talk about Tribute in front of such an incredible audience and have them ask questions about our product and future plans.

We were overwhelmed by all the support and enjoyed hearing how much everyone loved and believed in the concept behind Tribute. The best part about the event was being able to speak with different individuals in the tech sector, connect, and hear all of their feedback. We appreciate everyone who participated in the NYTM Tribute and can’t wait to see the amazing Tributes that will be created!

Favorite Moments of 2015

Tears of Joy

Halfway through 2015, we started tracking the number of Tribute recipients who cried tears of joy while watching their video. Click the play button below to see what we discovered…


Three of our most memorable Tributes from 2015…

1. Felipe’s Post-Surgery Tribute

Lauren and friends came together to support Felipe after his surgery and troubling diagnosis. This Tribute inspired us to increase our focus on Tributes for patients.


2. In Memory of Dan Fredinburg

On April 25th, an earthquake shook Nepal and took the life of our friend Dan, who was climbing Mount Everest. To celebrate Dan’s life, a group of friends and family came together to share their fondest memories and lessons learned.


3. General Assembly – Teacher Appreciation Week

So awesome to see companies like General Assembly valuing their instructors. We helped students submit more than 500 videos to celebrate 100 instructors globally.



Want to create an awesome Tribute video for someone special in your life?

Click the GIF below to see your friends w/ birthdays coming up…

An Exclusive Invitation – Wedding Salon & Tribute

Mark your calendars! Tribute will be part of Wedding Salon‘s – Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Showcase on January 26th and we’d love for YOU to join us!

We’re having our Tribute Booth at the event and plan to collect awesome video testimonials from the attendees. Everyone who participates in this special live Tribute will receive a free Tribute gift card.

Want to be part of this amazing event? Visit to register and use our very own custom code TRIBUTE for a complimentary pass.

We’re so excited to have Tribute be use more often in the wedding space and want to help our community put together some awesome wedding Tributes.

If you’d like to create one or know anyone in need of a special wedding gift, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 🙂


Three of our all-time favorite posts on Gratitude

There’s a reason why we dedicate a time of the year to giving thanks. Often, Thanksgiving is viewed as some time off from work, to eat without the guilt and shop for your favorite items at bargain prices. We often get caught up with the external and forget the importance of what’s actually being celebrated on that last Thursday of November: Gratitude.

So why do we still celebrate something that started hundreds of years ago as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest? It might be due to the fact that showing gratitude makes us feel good inside, and according to several studies (see below), it’s even beneficial for our health. It seems like society still believes in the power of being thankful, and has managed to keep this tradition around to keep enriching people’s hearts.

We decided to point your attention to a few of our favorite articles/videos that showcase why gratitude is so powerful and why we should bring it into our lives more frequently than just this special Holiday. Read, watch and listen to all this great content that will surely remind you why you should be saying thanks more often and showing your appreciation towards others:

Tribute featured on NBC Las vegas – “Best gift for the holidays”

We know that Tribute is the most meaningful gift on earth. That being said, it sure feels nice when other people agree with us on TV 🙂

Check out Tribute on NBC Las Vegas 

NBC recently aired a fun segment showcasing this season’s perfect holiday gifts with Lash Fary, of Distinctive Assets. After some cool physical gift suggestions, they mentioned “the most meaningful gift on earth,”  Tribute! As Lash tells the viewers, it is the perfect holiday gift to stay on budget, while letting that special person know how loved they are by those close to them.

Here is to changing things up and giving our loved ones the most meaningful gift there is this holiday season, our love and appreciation.


A young Instagram celebrity quits social media to share a meaningful wake up call with her audience

Last week, we got wind of a 19-year old who was quitting social media for all the right reasons. Essena O’Neill quickly went viral when she confessed to hundreds of thousands of her followers that the image she had been sharing were not an accurate depiction of who she really was.

Check out the full story here…

Essena was tired of living an unauthentic life and pretending to be someone she was not, to please others and gain social media fame. Now she wants everyone to see the side of social media not many talk about, and why we should stop focusing so much on the followers, likes, and attention.

Most importantly, Essena emphasizes that contrary to what so many of us believe, none of the social media attention we crave can make us as happy as having a genuine personal connection.

What a beautiful reminder and wake up call for us all to check in and evaluate how authentically we are approaching social media.

It is important to ask ourselves if we are sharing what we are sharing because it makes us happy, or because we want to acheive some sort of external perception?

We salute you Essena, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.






Tribute featured on Built In NYC’s website

We’re really excited to have the online start-up community, Built In NYC, write a piece about us. This great article talks about our Veteran’s Day giveaway, our non-profit “Give Tribute” program, and our move out of the beta phase in the coming weeks:

“Video creation is exploding worldwide. More than 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Yet, when it comes to special occasions we still tend to record our messages on paper.

New York startup, Tribute is hoping to drag well wishers into the 21st century and get them to send video messages instead. Tribute is a platform that allows you to easily compile short videos from…” Read more

Built In NYC is doing an amazing job covering the local tech scene in New York City, and keeps us up to date with the latest news and events in the community. Visit their website to read their articles and find out what local start-ups are currently looking for new talent!

A Tribute from Startup Institute Students

Tribute recently partnered up with the innovative Startup Institute to help their students thank several guest speakers who had come in to drop some knowledge on running/ starting companies. We are huge fans of SI and all they are doing to train people to succeed in the startup world.

So we teamed up with the New York cohort of students and put together an awesome Tribute to thank their “fireside” speakers for giving them great advice and offering their mentorship and support. The result was an awesome 5 minute video in which each student shared their favorite lessons from speakers.

This is a great example of how Tribute can be used as as an effective culture builder for companies and organizations. It is so important to recognize and thank employees and volunteers so they can feel how valued they are within the organization. This is the kind of recognition that deepens our ties and leads to long prosperous relationships.

So often we caught up in the hustle and bustle of startup life that we forget to take a second and just say thanks, Tribute is happy to provide a platform that makes it easy for people to share these types of important messages.

Let us know if you’d like to try out Tribute in your office!