Tribute is revolutionizing the way brands capture user testimonial

Consumers are becoming content creators, sharing video and photos across social channels as a testament to their brand loyalty — marketing their favorite brands along the way. But while this content may be branded, User-Generated Content isn’t advertising — it’s a conversation.

That’s what makes UGC so powerful…

  • 51% of consumers trust UGC over other information on a company site
  • 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising
  • Customer-made reviews about a product are trusted 12x more than promo marketing content
  • 86% of Millennials call UGC “a positive indicator of brand quality”
  • Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy product from online store after watching a video

User Generated Video made easy

Tribute is excited to announce two signature services that simplify the process of gathering user video testimonials.


Three. Simple. Steps.

  1. We design a custom landing page. Tell Tribute the particulars of your campaign and the Tribute team will build a video portal that matches your brand aesthetic.
  2. Collect videos. Invite people to join by email, or send custom URL out via social media. Users record directly on the page using their mobile device or computer.
  3. Professional Edit and Distribution. Tribute’s professional editors can turn your UGV into beautiful highlight reels, while also delivering high converting video ads that are ready to post across your social channels.

To create a fresh look for their annual campaign to support CancerCare, Caribou Coffee used Tribute’s tech to create a User-Generated Video Contest, giving audiences a platform to share meaningful stories of caregivers who impacted their lives. Caribou donated $5 to CancerCare for every video submitted — gaining 100,000+ impressions, and features on CBS, MediaPost, and MarketWired.

General Assembly used Centralized Testimonial Collection and gathered 700 testimonials from GA students across the globe. The Tribute team turned these videos into a highlight reel to share across all networks during #TeacherAppreciationWeek.

Matt Brimer // General Assembly “We had been looking for an easy way to collect video testimonials from our customers and Tribute made it so easy. Excited to work together for years to come.”

Kelly Jones // Legend PR “Thank you for such a great partnership! Caribou is very happy with the videos that your team put together and we loved working with your wonderful video platform.”

Wendy Kopp // Teach for America “I wanted to thank you and the incredible Tribute team for making this year’s campaign a success. I am so grateful for the Tribute platform for allowing us to showcase the critical work and impact our corps members are having in the lives of students and families across the country.”

Interested in running a campaign of your own on our site? We’d love to connect! Don’t hesitate to reach out to for more info.

Tribute and Teach For America

#ThankATeacher for #TeacherAppreciationWeek

As the National PTA says, “Teachers play a key role in student success and sometimes a simple “thanks” is all a teacher needs to feel valued.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up (May 2nd – 6th) and Tribute is excited to announce a special collaboration with one of our favorite education non-profits, Teach for America. 

In two short years, we have collected more than a thousand video testimonials for teachers and we’re excited to keep that tradition going.

We are working with TFA to offer 100% free Tributes to anyone in their network who is creating a Tribute for a TFA instructor or administrator. They have over 50,000 teachers in their network…so this should be fun.

If you want to learn more about getting involved with this giveaway or would like to receive a free code to celebrate your favorite teacher, send us a note to

Why do we do this? Teachers are HEROES, and they don’t hear it enough.

Being a teacher is not an easy job, but it is certainly one of the most important. Tribute videos allow teachers to understand the true impact they are having in the lives of their students. This knowledge can refine their sense of value and revamp pride in their work.

Whether they are here in the states or overseas, Tribute has a deep admiration for the people educating tomorrow’s leaders and we want to make it easy to share our appreciation for them. Here are a few scenarios to give Tribute…

  • Parent group for a specific teacher
  • Students for a specific Teacher
  • PTA group for a school or group of teachers
  • Whole school/parents/administration for a teacher


Tribute makes it easy to create a video collection page where your friends/colleagues can easily visit and submit a short video telling the teacher why they appreciate them or how they have impacted their life. We then help you easily compile and edit the submitted clips into a beautiful video montage, or “Tribute”, that can be easily shared with the teacher you want to surprise.


If you want to celebrate a teacher that impacted your life, please send  an email with your name, the name of the teacher and your relationship to them to We will usually respond to your request within 24 hours with a code to access the site.

We respect your privacy and sharing discretion is always up to the Tribute creator/user.


From the entire Tribute Team, thank you for helping us make this #TeacherAppreciationWeek one to remember. We are excited for the opportunity to support you in our unique way, and if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Andrew Horn

Co-Founder // CEO

A Tribute for media icon Susan L. Taylor

Susan Taylor is a powerful force for good and widely recognized as one of the most influential women in media.

She rose to fame as the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine, a position she held for nearly twenty years. Outside of her groundbreaking word for Essence, she also founded the National Cares Mentoring Movement.

This past week, Susan celebrated her 70th birthday with a beautiful gala to support the organization and its mission to connect disenfranchised youth with mentors. Friends, donors and celebrities alike converged on NYC to celebrate Susan and event planners decided there was no better way to cap off the event than with a Tribute.


We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to create a Tribute for Susan and to attend the gala with our Tribute booth to collect attendee testimonials.  We received almost an hour and a half of footage (woah), and put together this 3-minute highlight reel to showcase some of our favorite submissions.

(Here’s Roland Martin in our Tribute booth leaving a special message for Susan)


It was truly inspiring to see how many lives Susan has touched and we were honored to see her Tribute played in front of hundreds of attendees at the gala.

We salute you Susan Taylor! You deserve every last word of appreciation in these videos.



Favorite Moments of 2015

Tears of Joy

Halfway through 2015, we started tracking the number of Tribute recipients who cried tears of joy while watching their video. Click the play button below to see what we discovered…


Three of our most memorable Tributes from 2015…

1. Felipe’s Post-Surgery Tribute

Lauren and friends came together to support Felipe after his surgery and troubling diagnosis. This Tribute inspired us to increase our focus on Tributes for patients.


2. In Memory of Dan Fredinburg

On April 25th, an earthquake shook Nepal and took the life of our friend Dan, who was climbing Mount Everest. To celebrate Dan’s life, a group of friends and family came together to share their fondest memories and lessons learned.


3. General Assembly – Teacher Appreciation Week

So awesome to see companies like General Assembly valuing their instructors. We helped students submit more than 500 videos to celebrate 100 instructors globally.



Want to create an awesome Tribute video for someone special in your life?

Click the GIF below to see your friends w/ birthdays coming up…

An Exclusive Invitation – Wedding Salon & Tribute

Mark your calendars! Tribute will be part of Wedding Salon‘s – Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Showcase on January 26th and we’d love for YOU to join us!

We’re having our Tribute Booth at the event and plan to collect awesome video testimonials from the attendees. Everyone who participates in this special live Tribute will receive a free Tribute gift card.

Want to be part of this amazing event? Visit to register and use our very own custom code TRIBUTE for a complimentary pass.

We’re so excited to have Tribute be use more often in the wedding space and want to help our community put together some awesome wedding Tributes.

If you’d like to create one or know anyone in need of a special wedding gift, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 🙂


Introducing Give Tribute for those facing medical illness


Tribute is on a mission to transform the way we express meaningful sentiments to the people we care about. We believe our deepest relationships are what matters most for our well-being, and many health professionals agree. People enduring medical hardships or challenges need support from loved ones for both mental and physical recovery, and that’s where Tribute comes in.


Tribute is the “most meaningful gift on Earth.” It is a collaborative video montage of friends and family sharing video messages of admiration, appreciation and support for a loved one. Our website,, helps people easily create these videos so they can be presented as meaningful gifts. We believe that receiving a “Tribute” can significantly boost the human spirit and give patients new strength to face medical challenges.

Here’s a great example: Watch a Tribute made for Felipe, whose cancer necessitated a major medical operation. After his surgery, Felipe’s family made him a moving Tribute of love and support. It turned into a gift that filled Felipe with gratitude and positive energy that fueled his recovery.


Through our “Give Tribute” program, we partner with nonprofits that support people with illness or injury, and allow their loved ones to create Tribute videos free of charge. We believe that Tributes can be a powerful force in the lives of those facing medical hardship and offer Tributes to get them the additional encouragement and support they need.


  • Encouragement for someone who is going in or coming out of a major medical procedure
  • Celebration for a friend in remission
  • Love-filled gesture for a friend suffering from an illness


Don’t wait until it’s too late; join our movement to share gratitude with the people that matter to us more actively.  Together we can promote loving communication, deeper relationships and better health for people all over the globe.


If your nonprofit medical organization wants to partner with the “Give Tribute” program, please email our CEO, Andrew Horn at
For more info on Tribute, check us out on Kickstarter

Introducing the Give Tribute Program for military families

ribbon copyInspired by the season of giving and all the support we’ve been receiving  since we launched on Kickstarter …we are excited to roll out our long awaited give-back program for military families.

Moving forward, for every Tribute we sell, we will make a free Tribute available to a military family that wants to pay tribute to a serviceman or woman in their life. We will allocate Tributes on an individual basis as they are requested, and will also partner with nonprofits that support the military community so they can give Tributes away to the individuals they serve.

If you want to spread the word to your community through social media…use this image


Whether they are here in the states or oversees, Tribute has a deep admiration for our servicemen and women. We believe that a Tribute gift can be a powerful force in their lives, especially when facing hardship or loneliness.  Our troops need to be reminded not only of the importance they have in protecting our nation, but also the personal impact they have on their loved ones.

“Tributes” allow our troops to carry their loved ones with them, serving as a constant reminder of the love and admiration at home. Especially for the holidays, give Tributes to a service member or veteran who is:

  • deployed and away from loved ones
  • injured, wounded, ill or in rehab
  • returning from deployment


We help you rally a group of friends and family to create and submit video messages of love, admiration and encouragement for a loved one. Through our website,, we then help you easily compile and edit the submitted clips into a beautiful video montage, or “Tribute”, that can be easily emailed or messaged to the person you want to surprise.


Please send  an email with your name, the name of the serviceman or woman and the date that you are hoping to deliver the Tribute to We will try to respond to your request ASAP.

If you want to set up a non-profit organization as a “Give Tribute,” please email our CEO, Andrew Horn at

From the entire Tribute Team, thank you for all you do. We are excited for the opportunity to support you in our unique way, and if you have any questions, feedback or concerns, we would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Andrew Horn

Founder // CEO