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4 Unique Video Engagement Gift Ideas

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Wahoo—you know a couple who just got engaged!

Now, you must be researching the best engagement gifts for your lovebirds. Many people focus on finding the perfect wedding gift, but an engagement gift can be equally important and, frankly, more fun. 

Fun and Meaningful Engagement Gift Ideas

The engagement is an essential announcement that the couple is making big, life-changing plans for their future together. Engagement celebrations do not require a formal location or headcount, so they allow more people to toast the couple’s exciting milestone. 

Celebrate the fiancés by giving them a personalized, meaningful engagement gift that honors the occasion. Your best bet for a gift they'll never forget is an engagement video montage. Various people close to the happy couple can record Tribute videos to acknowledge and support the wonderful news.

Key Steps for Group Engagement Videos

Fear not; producing engagement Tribute videos is not difficult! There are a few key elements you need to follow as an engagement video maker:

1. Group Participants Logically

The key to an engagement Tribute video is to include a group of people important to the bride and groom. You may find there are many people to choose from and many ways to group them. Coworkers could offer an office-flavored Tribute to the couple. If either or both fiancés play a sport, then have their teammates create a video.

2. Ask a Single Question

You can avoid disjointed videos by having every participant answer the same question. That way, no matter how diverse the answers might be, they’re all tied to a common idea, and the finished video flows together well. 

3. Impose a Time Limit

Ask your participants to think about their answers before recording and to limit their video length to about 1 minute. That will help ensure the comments are personal and impactful, and the complete video montage will be just the right length.

Engagement Gift Ideas With Video

  1. Talk About Tunes
  2. Sweet Memories
  3. Puzzle Pieces
  4. Engagement Virtual Gift

The steps above will give you endless possibilities for your video. We have a few ideas we think work particularly well for engagement gifts.

Idea #1: Talk About Tunes

It’s often said that love and music are universal languages. It’s no surprise that the most meaningful engagement gift ideas combine both. Get your video participants to answer the question:

“What song most reminds you of Simon & Andy, and why?” 

The video might make the couple laugh, shake their heads, go wide-eyed in surprise, and even mist up at sentimental memories. You can even create a playlist of the songs that can be played at the wedding and reception. Just don't forget to share the playlist, so even loved ones who miss the ceremony can still feel like part of the big day.

Idea #2: Sweet Memories

Ask people who have known the couple for a long time to answer the question:

“What is your favorite memory of Dante & Em?” 

The warm and funny stories can be a cherished gift the couple can watch as they move into months of planning their wedding and beyond.

Idea #3: Puzzle Pieces

We’ve all seen two seemingly opposite people—the A-type and the B-type, the bodybuilder and the videogamer—who somehow fit together and make each other even better. Highlight the couple's combined strength with a puzzle-themed engagement gift. 

Ask participants to record video answers to the question:

“What makes Aubrey and Stacy such a good couple?”

Then, have a photo of the couple made into a puzzle, and deliver it to them with an LCD video card of the Tribute video.

Idea #4: Engagement Virtual Gift

If the fiances have friends and family who live far away and can’t attend an engagement party in person, consider creating a virtual engagement video. Far-away people can be featured, which might be particularly appreciated by a couple living in a different country from where they grew up. 

Well-wishers can answer a question like:

“What is your favorite memory with Michel?”

If you create the video early enough, you can play it at the engagement party, so the couple can feel the love from afar. 

Simplifying Video Engagement Gifts

At Tribute, we make the process of producing engagement Tribute videos quick, simple, and affordable.

  1. Invite participants.

    We send the invitations with all the information your friends and family need to participate.

  2. Collect videos.

    We provide the prompt for your participants to make a video and upload it.

  3. Compile the video.

    We make it easy for you to drag and drop the collected videos into any order you like and then share the final Tribute video.

  4. Get premium service (optional).

    Let one of our concierge editors manage the project and compile your final Tribute video. 

The decision to get engaged is a big step for any couple’s future. Help them celebrate with our most personalized and heartfelt video engagement gift ideas. Mark the beginning of a strong union by giving them a treasured memento to enjoy for decades to come.

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