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How to Pick the Best Engagement Gifts

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A sentimental engagement gift is a perfect way to show your love to a newly engaged couple. But, with so many options for sentimental gifts out there, the task of finding the best one might feel overwhelming.

We spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement and wedding rings, to share our thoughts on engagement gift ideas.

What makes a good engagement gift?

A good engagement gift is a sentimental one that holds significant meaning to the person or couple receiving it. It can be anything and can range in price from minimal to very expensive, but what matters is the meaning behind the gift. An example of a meaningful gift is a video montage. At, we make it easy to create a collaborative video montage that you can give as a gift – a perfect present for a newly engaged couple.

Our tips for picking an engagement gift

Tip #1: A heartfelt gift

Choose a gift that comes straight from the heart and that the couple will keep for years to come.

Tip #2: Beautiful montage of clips

Gift the couple a video including a beautiful montage of clips from family and friends or shower the couple with sage marriage advice.

Tip #3: Memories and well-wishes

An engagement gift offers the perfect opportunity to tell the couple how much they’ve meant to you over the years and to wish them well on the next step of their journey.

Tip #4: Small, thoughtful gifts

Small, thoughtful gifts are a great choice – whether it’s a handwritten card, a framed picture, or a video message, this period is the time to convey your feelings before the whirlwind of the wedding season.

Celebrate the happy couple

The engagement period is an exciting and happy time and the perfect opportunity to show how much you care. Choosing a sentimental gift is a lovely way to show your care and excitement for this next step in their lives.

How to Make a Tribute

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  1. Invite friends.

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  2. Collect videos.

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  3. Compile the video.

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  4. Get premium service (optional).

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