Tribute Founders Andrew Horn and Rory Petty smile. Tribute ranks #269 on the 2021 Inc. 500!

Tribute ranks #269 on the 2021 Inc. 500!

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Tribute Thrives on the Inc. 500

  • 3-Year Revenue Growth of 1,734%
  • 4 Million+ Videos Sent Since Tribute Started in 2014
  • Featured Among the Top 500 in the September 2021 Issue of Inc. 

We are thrilled to be ranked number 269 on the 2021 Inc. 500 (the top 10th percent of the Inc. 5000)!

Every year since 1982, the Inc. 5000 analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. Companies on the 2021 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2017 to 2020. 

The 2021 Inc. 5000 list feels like one of the most important rosters of companies ever compiled. Building one of the fastest-growing companies in America in any year is a remarkable achievement. Building one in the crisis we’ve lived through is just plain amazing. This kind of accomplishment comes with hard work, smart pivots, great leadership, and the help of a whole lot of people.”

– Inc. Editor in Chief Scott Omelianuk

To qualify for the Inc. 5000, companies must:

  • Have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2017. 
  • Be US-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2020. 

Growth rates used to determine company rankings were calculated to three decimal places.

We are honored by Inc.’s recognition of the growth of our company in 2021. gives everyone a simple way to show others that you care. We’ve brought tears of joy to millions of customers across the globe, and we look forward to continuing on our mission to spread love and gratitude.”

– Tribute Founder and CEO Andrew Horn

Tribute’s Turnaround Triumph

Tribute’s goal has always been to help spread love, gratitude, and human connection. That’s why on March 15, 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped our nation, we waived the $25 fee and offered free DIY Tributes to all. During a time when public safety precautions required people to stay apart, we wanted to help foster safe and meaningful connections.

The result? In the first three months of offering free DIY Tributes (March-June 2020), we received close to 26,000 orders, compared to just 3,500 orders in all of 2019! Read more about our turnaround story in the Inc. article here

DIY Tributes are no longer free (with the exception of active-duty military videos) but they are an affordable way to celebrate the people we care about. After all, can you really put a price on tears of joy?

How to Create a Meaningful Gift With Tribute

Tribute is the most user-friendly video maker. In a few simple steps, you can collaborate with others, collect their videos, and easily bring it all together in a montage that means the world to your recipient.

  1. Invite friends.

    We send the invitations with all the information your friends and family need to participate.

  2. Collect videos.

    We provide the prompt for your participants to make a video and upload it.

  3. Compile the video.

    We make it easy for you to drag and drop the collected videos into any order you like and then share the final Tribute video.

  4. Get premium service (optional).

    Let one of our concierge editors manage the project and compile your final Tribute video.

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