Best Anniversary Gift for Couples Young and Old

The Best Anniversary Gifts for Couples Young and Old

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Memories are emotionally powerful storytellers and anniversaries are the perfect celebration of years of marriage memories. They remind us not only of the wedding day when two lives (and two families) joined, but more importantly, the ways that union has changed the world and affected the lives of the people near and dear to the couple. 

Of course, anniversaries are significant for a couple, but the bigger the anniversary, the more people want to be involved and wish the couple well. We understand that you’re looking for the best gift ideas for an anniversary; something unique and meaningful. An anniversary Tribute video featuring memories and stories from a couple’s family and close friends is the perfect gift to say, “Happy anniversary!”

Video Anniversary Gifts

  1. Multiple Impacts of a Single Couple
  2. Precious Materials for a Precious Couple
  3. Remember When
  4. Young and Old Couples

Create a successful video anniversary gift by following a couple of key rules so you can edit together a good length video montage of the responses.

  1. Ask a single question of all participants.
  2. Limit single video responses to 1 minute.

Remember that every couple is different, and it’s essential to find a theme as singular as they are. We recommend anniversary video makers use the following themes as a jumping-off point:

Theme 1: The Multiple Impacts of a Single Couple

After years together, people often don’t realize the impact they’ve had on the lives of others, sometimes literally bringing those lives into the world. The longer they’re married, the more people they affect. Have family and close friends answer this question: 

“How have Maude and George impacted your life?” 

Often, families will have a big party for a couple’s 40th or 50th anniversary. As part of that gathering, create an anniversary video gift that plays at the gathering, allowing family members and friends from far and wide to join the celebration, even if they can’t be there in person. The feted couple will watch the video and be moved by the stories long after the party has ended.

Theme 2: Precious Materials for a Precious Couple

While every anniversary is important, there are connections made with the “big” anniversaries:


If you have a group of close friends who enjoy making comparisons, ask them this question: 

“Why are Josie and Emmett like <material> as a couple?” 

Answers could run the gamut from hilarious to genuinely touching. Imagine stories about Emmett falling less than 4 inches while hiking and breaking his leg like he was some kind of Lenox china. Or the time Josie showed up dressed to the nines to celebrate Emmett’s birthday, and he said fine china couldn’t compare because she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Theme 3: Remember When

The great thing about anniversaries is they give you the chance to recall wonderful times and even triumph over adversity throughout a relationship. Good friends and long-time family members make the perfect combination to answer the question:

“What are your favorite memories of Myrl and Edward?” 

One of the best anniversary gifts you can give is the chance for the couple to reminisce through sweet stories of kindness, side-splitting tales of awful dates, and broad smiles for times gone by.  

Theme 4: Young and Old Couples

Generations have so much to teach each other, and sage pieces of advice can make the best anniversary gifts. Anniversary video makers can tap into this knowledge stream with a Tribute video. If the couple has been together for many, many years, younger members of the family can answer: 

“What is an important lesson you have learned from Sheila and John?” 

Responses can illustrate the impact the couple has had on others by loving and respecting each other every day. When it comes to a younger couple, participants can answer:

“What is your advice for Dani & Paige for the next ten years together?” 

Bring the generations together through love, family, and friendship.

Make Anniversary Video Gifts Easily

At Tribute, our video process makes video montage creation quick and easy:

  1. Invite participants.

    We send the invitations with all the information your friends and family need to participate.

  2. Collect videos.

    We provide the prompt for your participants to make a video and upload it.

  3. Compile the video.

    We make it easy for you to drag and drop the collected videos into any order you like and then share the final Tribute video.

  4. Get premium service (optional).

    Let one of our concierge editors manage the project and compile your final tribute video. LCD video cards are also available as a keepsake!

Whether you’re creating a video gift for close friends, an anniversary gift for parents, or the best anniversary gift for your husband, a tribute video will be remembered and held dear for years to come.

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