The best birthday gift for your husband must be unique, meaningful and memorable, just like him.
It should show how well you know, love and believe in him.

But, with that level of personalization, it might be challenging to come up with a unique birthday gift.

Hint: Personalized gifts deliver the most remarkable experiences. The sense of thoughtfulness and care makes them more than just trinkets. They become memories that last a lifetime

So which type of gift is best for your husband? This quick guide will help you in 3 simple steps.

How To Celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday Differently

What is the last gift you received that really rocked your world? Or, what is the last birthday party you went to that truly blew your socks off? 

Now, imagine that you could create that type of feeling in your husband this year.With a meaningful video montage, you can achieve that kind of impact with ease!

A Birthday Gift For Your Husband Guaranteed To Put a Smile On His Face

Does he really need another toolbox, watch, or shirt? We know there are plenty of ready-to-buy gifts out there, but how do you figure out what he really wants?

A birthday video montage takes the cake for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s unique.
  2. It’s personal.
  3. It’s forever.

Plus, dudes love recognition. They work hard and whether they acknowledge it or not, they want to be seen and appreciated for their effort.

Love your sense of humor, that is the most fun thing about you.

How To Make a Birthday Video Montage For Your Husband’s Birthday

Tribute makes it easy to create a video montage for your husband’s birthday in a few simple steps.

At Tribute, the video creation process is quick and easy:

  1. Invite Friends and Family
    Add email addresses and we’ll send automatic email invitations to your friends and family with all the details they need to know. We’ll even ping them again until they get their videos in so you can sit back and relax. 
  2. Collect videos
    We’ll give your participants the inspiration they need to make a video and upload it from any device. Our meaningful prompts ensure that participants are sharing great content for the birthday video
  3. Compile The Video
    We make it easy for you to drag and drop the videos you collect into any order you like. You can also add transitions, cover slides and music to your Tribute. No editing experience required. After that, you can share the final Tribute video and get ready for the magic to unfold

Get premium concierge service (optional)

Feeling pretty busy and like you don’t have time to create a Tribute? No worries! Let one of our concierge editors manage the project and compile your final Tribute video for you.

Your concierge can add photos, integrate music and manage the entire editing process. You just tell them what you want your final video to look like and they will take care of the rest. 

It cannot get any simpler to create the most meaningful birthday gift there is. 

What Do You Say in a Birthday Video Montage? 

To make your birthday wish extra heartwarming, share some happy memories or simply tell the recipient what you like about them. 

Not sure what to say in your Tribute recording? Even if you have a great relationship with the recipient, it can be difficult to come up with something to say on the spot. Here are a few ideas to get those gears turning for you:

  • Encourage them
    Call out specific things that your husband does that you notice and appreciate. Can you think of three?
  • Talk about a favorite lesson they’ve taught you
    Is there a particular lesson that stands out to you? Describe the way you felt, and the message that you took from that teaching.
  • Talk about the impact your husband has had on you
    How has your life improved since your husband came in? This matters a great deal to men, and they’ll be thrilled to hear more about their contribution to your well-being and happiness. 
  • Talk about a time when your husband really supported you
    Was there a time in your life when things were scary, and your husband was your haven? Talk about a time when your husband made you feel safe and like they had your back. 
  • Arrange a Relaxing Spa Session as a Birthday Gift For Your Husband
    Is your husband a hard worker who rarely takes time for himself?  If so, consider making an appointment for him at the Spa. Men are oftentimes more hesitant to spend a little “me time” relaxing with massages and treatments…but we all love them at the end of the day.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift that doesn’t add more stuff into the garage, give him a meaningful experience that lets him recharge. 

In Closing: What Makes A Great Birthday Gift For Your Husband?

The best gifts are the most thoughtful ones. They are the ones that show the recipient that you spent more than money, you invested your time into researching, procuring, planning and delivering your gift. 

That’s one of the reasons that Tributes make such a great, memorable birthday gift. It is one of the simplest ways to remind the man who does so much for others, what he means to everybody. 

This simple act of recognition will go a long way. It will lift his spirits, connect him to his community and remind him that he is loved. 

What more could he ask for? 

Ready to give the most meaningful gift in the world? Start a Birthday Tribute today

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