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If you’re asking yourself how to create a birthday video montage, you’ve already done the hardest part! You have chosen the perfect group gift for your special birthday star. With a user-friendly video montage maker and our four easy steps, creating the ultimate birthday surprise will be cake 🎂 (super easy).

What is a birthday video montage?

A birthday video montage (aka a birthday Tribute) is a collection of birthday video messages compiled together into one meaningful group gift that will last forever. The description may come in handy when your friends ask about the birthday magic you have kindly invited them to join.

4 Steps to a Brilliant Birthday Montage

  1. Invite Friends to Record a Birthday Video Message
  2. Collect Video Messages From Loved Ones
  3. Compile Video Messages Into a Montage (or Get Help)
  4. Give Your Final Video to the Birthday Star

No further explanation needed? Start creating your montage birthday video now! Otherwise, keep reading for more guidance and tips on how to complete each step.

Step 1: Invite Friends to Record a Birthday Video Message

Open your video montage maker and fill in a few simple details:

Add the name of your birthday star (the person whose birthday you are celebrating), select “Birthday” under “What is the occasion?” and choose a deadline for video message submissions.

Tip: Make sure your submission deadline gives you time to compile the final montage to your liking before the special day.

Enter your email address and select your editing package. (No need to have payment info ready until checkout, after your montage is complete.)

Tip: Tribute’s concierge editing package makes step 3 (below) even easier by compiling the video for you.

Once your birthday montage page is set up, you will be prompted to invite friends and family members to record a birthday video message. The more the merrier! You can send invites via email, Facebook messenger, or by texting a direct link to the video submission page.

Invite friends to record a birthday video montage using our email invitations
Invite friends to record a birthday video montage using Facebook
Invite friends to record a birthday video montage using your Tribute URL

Step 2: Collect Video Messages From Loved Ones

Anyone you invite can easily upload their birthday video message using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. No cost or special apps required. If you use Tribute, we send automatic email reminders to anyone you invite through our website with an email address so they don’t forget to send in their video on time.

Tip: Here’s a great resource for anyone looking for ideas about what to say in a birthday video.

Step 3: Compile Video Messages Into a Montage (or Get Help)

The right video montage maker will let you easily drag and drop your birthday video messages into the order you prefer, so you can make the montage flow just right. Tribute, for example, is known for user-friendly video editing because it includes drag-and-drop video arrangement; the ability to add text, transitions, and background music; and easy ways to adjust the volume on individual videos or mute background music to level out the sound.

I have to say this was the easiest software ever to use! The website was especially user friendly internationally. Such a special way to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Erin, Tribute User, 2021

If you want a more professional touch that will save you time, you can have a concierge editor compile the birthday montage for you.

Step 4: Give Your Final Video to the Birthday Star

Time for the best part! Now that you have compiled your montage and finalized the video, you get to present it to the lucky birthday star. There are many ways to deliver your collaborative group gift. Here are a few ideas:

Idea 1: Host a viewing party. 

Invite as many guests and birthday montage participants as possible to see the birthday star’s reaction to your gift first hand. Don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy.

Idea 2: Send or give a video card!

Whether you mail or hand-deliver it to the birthday star, a video card is a cherished keepsake to display on their desk or mantelpiece for years to come.

Idea 3: Deliver your montage digitally.

If your loved one is far away or unable to see visitors in person, sending them a link to a special birthday video montage created just for them is an excellent way to make them feel closer to friends and family!

This Tribute video showered my Mom with love and affection from all over, and I do believe there is no greater gift for someone like her who, after 8 1/2 decades on this planet, deserves to know she’s adored. I only wish we had done it sooner.

Kenda, Tribute User, 2021

See an Example Birthday Video Montage

Start creating your birthday Tribute now. It’s easy!

Try the top solution for user-friendly montage birthday video creation in a few simple steps.

  1. Invite friends.

    We send the invitations with all the information your friends and family need to participate.

  2. Collect videos.

    We provide the prompt for your participants to make a video and upload it.

  3. Compile the video.

    We make it easy for you to drag and drop the collected videos into any order you like and then share the final Tribute video.

  4. Get premium service (optional).

    Let one of our concierge editors manage the project and compile your final Tribute video.

Get Started Today! 🎉

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