Near or far, spread some love this Valentine’s Day with the ones you appreciate most.

Millions of people around the world are going to utter the same phrase this Valentines that we have used for centuries…

I Love You 


 Je vous aime 



But, there’s a way you can amplify those words and make them even more valuable to your beloved and it starts with a simple word…


I love you because…

This is called the find-remind-bind theory in The Science of Gratitude and it states that expressions of gratitude coupled with WHY we love them bind us together. 

It’s a serotonin boost that naturally makes our love even more electric.

Think of how amazing your partner or loved one will feel when you express ILY because…

  • I love you because you push me to be the best version of myself.”
  • I love you because you make me laugh harder than anyone in the world.”
  • I love you because you bring out my inner weirdo.”
  • This simple act makes the recipient more capable of feeling the depth and sincerity of your feelings. It shows them that we’re not just speaking from habit, that we are giving a voice to something real and current. 

    Not feeling lovey-dovey announce-it-to-the-world just yet?

    No problem! Not all of us are throwing around L-bombs with our partner just yet, or maybe you’re spending Valentine’s with a group of friends. All good! Still a great day to spread some love. Just swap “I love you, because…” with “I’m grateful for you, because…” and you’ll have even more opportunities to share your appreciation in meaningful ways.

    Ready to wow someone special this V-day? 

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    Stuck on ‘because’?

    Here are some of the many reasons Tribute users share their gratitude.

    • “I love you because you make every adventure amazing.”
    • “I am grateful for you because you support me no matter what.”
    • “I love you because you make my belly hurt from laughing at our inside jokes.”
    • “I am grateful for you because you taught me how to be kind and support others.”
    • “I love you because you have made my world brighter simply by being here.”
    • “I am grateful for you because you see me… all of me… and love me still.”

    Happy V-day everyone. Now, let’s make someone’s day.