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Personalized Gift for Dad Turns a Family Dinner into Tears of Joy Jim Atkinson’s Birthday Tribute Story

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Family dinner became the place of a powerful message of love and gratitude when a daughter decided to share one personalized gift for her dad:

A Tribute video montage for his 80th birthday.

We talked with Cassy Vernau, Jim’s daughter, and asked her some questions about this heartfelt experience.

What’s your favorite thing about Jim?

My dad is one of those incredibly generous people who always has a smile for everyone and a servant's heart.

He is someone who does plenty of services for others and asks for nothing in return. He is also very humble and did not want us to make a big fuss over him for his 80th birthday.

He is always focused on reaching his goals and lets nothing stop him.

Why do you think a Tribute birthday video montage was a meaningful gift for your dad?

He is a very humble man and asked us not to spend any money or go to any trouble for his 80th birthday. He is much happier giving and doing for others.

I knew that Tribute would be one of the most wonderful ways to share the love and appreciation that others have for my father.

What was your father's reaction watching his Tribute birthday gift?

Dad was completely surprised!

All of our family and friends were notified and everyone was very excited to make the Tribute. It was a big secret and we prayed that no one would accidentally slip and tell dad about it.

On his 80th birthday, we had a small family dinner. After dinner, my husband told my father that he had a video of something humorous that he wanted to show him on YouTube.

We sat down in the family room and pulled out the laptop and projected the Tribute onto our flat-screen TV.

My dad smiled, he giggled, and he got teary-eyed. With every single person’s message, he had tears in his eyes and joy on his face.

It was absolutely priceless to me to see my father so excited and overjoyed to see classmates from high school, old friends from other states, and family members from all over the country. He was so surprised!

How did this unique gift for your dad make you feel?

I cried watching him get teary-eyed and I thought this was the greatest gift he could ever be given!

I will never be able to thank you and your company enough for how much that gift truly meant to my 80-year-old father.

COVID took a great deal away from our family, but you helped make my father’s 80th birthday so incredibly special!

How did Jim feel watching his Tribute birthday gift?

My father said that this was the nicest gift he’s ever been given!

He said that he never knew how many people cared about him or loved him and it made him feel like the king of the world!

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